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The pasta factory

La Pasta di Camerino is the main brand of Entroterra S.p.A. Having started out in a small artisan workshop, year after year the group has grown by conquering the national and international markets; today it employs 75 people, 60% of which are women, and produces about 500 quintals of pasta per day.
In addition to egg pasta, awarded as the best Italian pasta for its quality/price ratio, the company also produces durum wheat semolina pasta, organic egg pasta and organic spelt pasta.

The origins

La Pasta di Camerino owes its name to the town where the family that owns and manages the company, the Maccari family, lives and works. It refers to an ancient tradition typical of these areas: the art of making pasta at home.
This daily ritual, which so fascinated Gaetano Maccari – founder and CEO of the company – when he was a child, today has been transformed by the family into products of excellence, by expertly combining artisan production methods with
modern techniques, capable of meeting all the needs of true pasta lovers.

Ancient production process

La Pasta di Camerino stands out for the superior quality of its product, due both to the careful selection of ingredients of Italian origin and to the unique processing method, inspired by tradition: slow triple kneading, bronze drawing, and a very slow drying process at low temperatures. Only a pasta that is born like this can rekindle the memory of what authentic, homemade products are and the pleasure of shared family moments.

1. Slow triple dough mixing

100% Italian durum wheat semolina is mixed with pure water from the Sibillini Mountains in steel vats. The dough is kneaded in 3 subsequent stages, at a controlled temperature, for a total time exceeding 30 minutes.

2. Bronze die extrusion

Only bronze die extrusion can produce rich, porous sheets of pasta, just like those made by hand. A slow process, reminiscent of that used to make homemade pasta, and the only way to give life to a rough and porous surface perfect for holding the sauce.

3. Slow drying at low temperatures

Before packing, our artisan dried pasta rests in static cells at a very low temperature for a time that varies from 24 to 56 hours: it is this procedure, which allows us to safeguard all the nutritional values and the excellent organoleptic characteristics of the raw materials.


The only ones with a 100% transparent supply chain.

In the hinterland of the Marche region, the gentle breeze of the Adriatic Sea blends with the pure air and the genuine soil of the Sibillini Mountains. This is where La Pasta di Camerino is made, as rough and porous as homemade pasta, lovingly produced with due respect for the finest methods of craftsmanship.